The Right Decision Mega-App

The Right Decision Mega-App is a unique resource for Scotland’s health and social care. It brings together in one place:

  1. Mobile apps created by Scottish health and care organisations using the Right Decision Builder toolkit.
    This is a subset of the larger collection of mobile apps on the whole Right Decision platform, which includes quality assured apps from providers outside Scotland’s health and social care.
  2. Re-usable content and tools
    This is a collection of quality assured calculators, assessment tools, guidelines, shared decision-making aids, formulary chapters and other resources, which app owners have given permission for other organisations to re-use and adapt to their needs.
  3. Bundles
    Within the Right Decision Builder toolkit you can:
    • Re-use and adapt existing content, tools and apps
    • Combine these with new resources you create yourself
    • Package all these elements into a tailored bundle for your team or service.
    • Publish this bundle so that it becomes available through the Right Decision Mega-App.

    For example, you might want to create a collection of commonly used calculators, guidance and local formulary information for new junior doctors, or a collection of critical guidance and tools for multi-disciplinary team members taking on new and extended roles.

    You can download the mega-app here, using the username/password: rightdecision/rightdecision