Video Library

Here you can access online videos which explain how decision support works and show decision support it in operation in electronic health record systems.

How Does Decision Support Work?

This presentation presents the development approach and standards-based architecture which the Right Decision Service uses to provide a Go-To place for finding, sharing and building quality assured decision support resources for Scotland’s health and care.

The National Decision Support Programme

National decision support roadmap for health and social care

Joint presentation from the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Dr Andy Winter, Clinical eHealth Lead, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

discusses the importance of decision support to safe, high quality patient care.

Michelle Kirkwood, Knowledge Services Manager, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

outlines the role of knowledge managers in delivering decision support.

Mr Alastair Ireland, Clinical Director, Emergency Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Realistic Medicine Lead,

speaks about the value of decision support to Realistic Medicine and outlines approach to developing a decision support toolkit for emergency medicine.

Building informational decision support solutions using Right Decision Service tools

Recordings of webinars from Right Decision Service Course, November-December 2020.

Introduction to Right Decision Service Builder tools

Designing decision support

Building decision support apps and websites

Preparing to go live with your app or website

Governance and quality assurance

Decision support in primary care E H R systems

This video shows patient-specific high risk medicine alerts integrated with primary care systems used in NHS Scotland in a decision support window, alongside access to common calculators and risk assessment tools.

Risk stratification in diabetes self-management

These videos show how patient-generated data from wearables and other patient-held devices can be used with decision support algorithms to stratify risk, recommend self-management options or self-referral to health services, and alert healthcare professionals when needed.

Diabetes with hypertension: decision support based on citizen-generated and statutory data

Diabetes with hypertension: alert raised when GP opens patient record